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Shameful shit

 May 18, 2014

I have no words to fully express my shock and profound sadness on finding this magnificent animal, head and neck crushed by a cretinous driver, in Ocala National Forest yesterday. I’ve been fantasizing about photo ops of an EDB crossing a forest road for several years now; this was not the picture I had envisioned. We watched with disgust and disbelief as he slowly writhed and tried to gape while the last spark faded from his defiant eyes.

Crotalus ad DOR_05172014-08_Ocala NF FR05

A 4′, heavy-bodied healthy eastern diamondback crossing a pale sand road in Ocala National Forest. This animal was run over intentionally.

What kind of deeply depraved mindset does it take for someone to do this?

Some of my Facebook friends captured some of the thoughts that occurred to me, and some that didn’t.

“Damn, Peter, that ruined my day. People suck. Some people suck.” – John Jett

Ours too, JJ.

“Only someone unhappy would do this.”  – Mary Ohlman Shaperow

Unhappy and morally retarded, Mary.

Crotalus ad DOR_05172014-03_Ocala NF FR05

“The real issue, is that it’s really hard to change people’s minds on this, it is really, really entrenched in so many…just ignorance multiplied and taught to others.”  – Chris Kincaid

Education is one answer, Chris.  But it’s futile when dealing with closed minds.

“Oh man, I hate hate hate hate hate to see this. I’m preaching to the choir here, but I truly can’t understand how/why so many people aren’t able or willing to respect this amazing (and very important) species.” – Janson Jones

Keep preaching, Janson.  You make a difference.

Crotalus ad DOR_05172014-20_Ocala NF FR05

“That is FUCKED UP. Period.”  – Patrick McGowan

Right on, Patrick.  Right on.


2 thoughts on “Shameful shit

  1. John Serrao

    That so sad, Peter. It always makes my day (no, my week) to see one of these magnificent animals alive in the wild. Then when something like this happens it makes me so angry at the ignorant morons who could do such a thing. Education might help , but not if the parents still condone and practice such prehistoric behavior. Another answer is to finally give legal protection to this species — the most impressive snake in the country and one of the largest, most powerful venomous snakes in the world (and a true symbol of the wild southeast).


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